NRE Robotics Showcase 2022

Nebraska Robotics Expo 2022 Event

Place: Online / Virtual
Date: Saturday, April 2, 2022
Time: 10am - 2pm CDT
Pre-Show: 9:50am CDT


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About NRE 2022:

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Theme: "Sustainable Nebraska"

This year's Nebraska Robotics Expo on April 2, 2022, will be held virtually over Zoom.

Please check back periodically for additional details.


The fundamental focus of this year's Nebraska Robotics Expo is to facilitate meaningful STEM engagement throughout Nebraska, including to reach additional K-12 and educator populations across Nebraska during this ongoing pandemic. We welcome members of the Greater Nebraska education community as well to join this opportunity as we aim to reach every county with our virtual format this year.

Join us as we explore the relationship between STEAM and Sustainability. From center pivots to the Nebraska National Forest to wind energy farms - Nebraska's sustainability efforts are felt around the state. Through the use of STEAM, your students can help affect the future of Nebraska's sustainability efforts.

This year we are pleased to announce Sponsored STEMKits, and these kits are sponsored for Nebraska students. Each kit includes three hands-on STEM lessons, including all materials. Please see the registration section above to register for your STEMKits.


STEMKit Lessons by Grade Range *

* The following is a brief summary of the lessons planned for each grade range.

Grades K-2

Seeds to Plant Challenge (2 weeks): How a change in environment changes our ability to grow plants

UV Sunglasses Challenge: Understanding Solar Energy

Erosion Challenge: Understanding water erosion and how to prevent

Grades 3-5

Wind Turbine Challenge: Engineer a working wind turbine

Climate Challenge: Model an area and understand climate change challenges

Hazardous Weather Challenge: Engineer a structure that will hold up to extreme weather

Grades 6-8

Living Green:

Solar Still Innovation: Salt Water Intrusion, how to purify contaminated water

Thermal Insulator Innovation: Energy Conservation, heat insulation

Grades 9-12

Living Green:

Groundwater Wells:

Clean Water:


Preparation Resources:

Technical FAQ: CEENBoT Commander Software: Programming the Servo through the LCD panel and Controller: General Programming:




Special Thanks:

Special thanks goes to Prairie STEM and to the UNO College of Education for their efforts in making the Robotics Showcase and Nebraska Robotics Expo possible for 2022!

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Alisa Gilmore

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